Company Background

American Adhesive Coatings LLC, also known as “AACC” was founded in 1987. The company is privately owned by Jerry Villa, President and CEO.

We are a family friendly company and our employees are one of the many keys to our success. We offer competitive wages along with employee benefits such as a 401k, medical, dental, sick and vacation time. Due to Extremely low levels of employee turnover, we have been able to make sure our products, as well as our applications, are consistent. Our employees, most who have been with AACC for over 20 years, are truly masters of their craft.

The products we manufacture are hot melt adhesives that are 100% solid at room temperature and become liquid upon heating, generally at 275° - 375° F. Our hot melts are non-hazardous, do not contain formaldehyde and are safe for the environment.

Our hot melts are applied to rolled substrates such as plain and printed paper as well as plastic films and foils.

Our mission, and the key to our success, is to provide the highest quality pre-applied adhesives along with trending prints and solids from many sources, both domestic and internationally. Take advantage of our expertise in adhesives and printing and allow us to be your “one stop shop” for all your laminating needs. We offer you 40 years of experience combined with unsurpassed customer service, quality control and technical support to our customers at a competitive price.

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